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I took the plunge before Conflux, and started on TikTok with the “richardharlandofficial” site. It’s mainly the trailer for Ferren and the Angel posted so far, which has gathered over 4,000 likes and over 30,000 views. Yay!

Conflux was great – only disappointment was I was only there 2 days, and so many people I didn’t catch up with. I launched Keith Stevenson’s book, Trailtor’s Run, which was a buzz – and a blast-off, with a cardboard spaceship inserted in the book. Space Engineer Cat Sparks did the countdown, and the spaceship/book flew all around the galaxy before coming in to land at Planet Signing Table!

I was on 4 panels, and they were all really good. Not often you get EVERY panel being so stimulating and so much fun. I also fitted in reading an extract from Ferren and the Angel for THE NARRATIVE LIBRARY, which will make it available as a podcast. I’ll give the link when it’s up.

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