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A new book for my new website: the super-fantasy Ferren and the Angel from IFWG publishing.

the cover of Ferren and the Angel
Elena Betti’s Cover

Hope you like the cover – which is by Italian artist and designer, Elena Betti. I’m in love with it! So dramatic! It shows Miriael the Fourteenth Angel of Observance as she plummets from the sky, shot down by Humen forces in the thousand-year war between Heaven and Earth. Which is where the book begins …

And now the trailer has landed!

The only thing still to land is the book itself. It comes out in bookshops and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, GoodReads and Apple Books on November 6th. Not long now! And there are even early copies on sale at special events (see Blog>Book Events).

IFWG Publishing

Some advance reviews are starting to come in. Here’s what Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer at Midwest Book Review had to say on Ferren and the Angel:

“Its powerful, unpredictable brand of fantasy is highly recommended for young adult to adult readers and for libraries seeking something refreshingly new in the fantasy genre …

… Richard Harland’s approach to entwining the perceptions, lives, and clashes between very different peoples is thoroughly engrossing. From Hypers and Residuals and pale threatening ghosts to mechanical actions that happen all by themselves with no humans at the helm, Ferren’s journey introduces him to realizations that he never saw coming.

Pair spiritual, philosophical, and social struggles with the unusual friendship that rises between an angel and a human of opposing forces, add sound effects and clashes that challenge their roles and perceptions, and build a firm relationship from a shaky foundation of mistrust for a sense of the powerful and disparate forces contrasted and profiled in Ferren and the Angel.

Midwest Book Review

And here’s Alexandria Ducksworth of Independent Book Review:

The worldbuilding here is addictive … This story has a great plot, some incredible conflict, and secrets just waiting to be revealed. Dystopian fans are in for a treat.

 Independent Book Review

More reviews on my Blog>Reviews page

Richard Harland photo

I guess I’m best known for the steampunk world of Worldshaker and its sequels, but this world of the Ferren Trilogy goes one step further! It has steampunk qualities in parts, with the Humen armies and the Humen camp, but it also has the transcendental sublime of angels and Heaven. I’ve aimed to recreate and fully imagine the traditional lore of theological ‘angelology’.

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