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By the end of the Third Millenium, progress on Earth has gone backwards due to a thousand-year war between Heaven and Earth.

The war began in the early 21st Century, when medical scientists invented a technology to bring the dead back to life. The result was the greatest news sensation ever: revivified human corpses reported that they’d really been to Heaven and really seen the eternal Gardens, Halls and Cities, the Blessed Souls, Great Patriarchs and angels.

The major nations immediately began competing to explore the new realm. Another new scientific technology created psychonauts, who could travel to Heaven in transmuted form. However, their destructive activities led to the Devastation of Mount Horeb, the Battle of the Plenoma and the start of endless conflict between Heaven and Earth.

First came the period known as the Rising of the Undead, when recently arrived souls were driven out of Heaven, back to their buried bodies. This was a terrible period of marauding murdering corpses, which emptied cities and devastated every nation on the Earth. 

Then came a period of phony peace and negotiations, during which scientists secretly drew the spiritual realm into Earthly space and time. When the golden battlements and green hills of Heaven appeared in the sky, humans in their thousands went up to tour the sights. The result was the Great Collapse; huge portions of Heaven fell down onto the Earth, causing terrible fires. The same fires are still burning across Asia and Europe in Ferren’s time.

The Great Collapse changed everything. In Heaven, the Supreme Trinity retreated in shock and disgust behind impenetrable clouds, leaving a War Council of the highest archangels to continue the war. On the side of the Earth, artificial types of being called Humen displaced ordinary human beings. 

Ordinary human beings, now called Residuals, survive in isolated tribes, ignorant, fearful and despairing. But they still have their dreams of a glorious past and continue to worship their ‘Ancestors’.

This is the world Ferren has been born into – only he doesn’t yet know it …

Timeline of the Millenary War

1961           USSR sends first human into space

1969           US lands first human on the moon

2028           The Venables-Hirsch experiment

2031            Inauguration of Project Olympus

2033            The Trespass upon Heaven

                   The Devastation at Mount Horeb

                   Battle of the Plenoma

2034            Start of the Age of the Undead

2038            The Depopulation of New York

2075            Fallen Angels allowed back into Heaven

2079            Withdrawal of the Supreme Trinity

2086             Formation of the United Earth Movement

2088            The First United Earth Congress

2089–94      The False Truce

2094            The Great Collapse

2094–2112    Period of the Long Famine

2223            First appearance of Plasmatics

2228            First appearance of Hypers

2262–91       Construction of the Endless Wall

2305            The Declaration of Material Being

2436–40      The Weather Wars

2440–2543  The Hundred Years’ Blizzard

2742            Humen colonies set up in the Burning Continents

2743–54       The Siege of Sicily

2755           Extinction of the colonies

2904            Foundation of the South American Empire

2912            First appearance of force-fields and boost-beams

2927–45       The Wars of Doctor Mengis and Doctor Genelle

2943–45       The Campaign of the Five Zones

3003–3022   Rise of the Bankstown Doctors

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