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the cover of Ferren and the Angel
Elena Betti’s Cover

The setting is a thousand years after the Venables-Hirsch Experiment and the early psychonauts (2028-33). An endless conflict between Heaven and Earth has devastated whole continents, and has altered both Heaven and Earth beyond recognition. 

On Earth, the fires ignited by the Great Collapse still burn across Europe and Asia, the Weather Wars have buried half of North America under ice, and the landmass of South America lies broken in blocks because of the Wars of Doctor Mengis and Doctor Genelle. Now the beings called Humen (it wasn’t a typo!) rule the Earth and wage constant battles against the Celestials.

Here’s Ferren’s world in a video –

In Heaven, the Supreme Trinity has withdrawn to the Seventh Altitude, while a War Council of the highest archangels directs strategy and defence. Peace and serenity have been lost, and the souls of the dead have been shut out for hundreds of years.

Also on the Earth, scattered tribes of people known as Residuals survive in degraded conditions and a state of fear. Ferren is one of the Residuals. All he knows are the ruins of his Home Ground and the Humen Selectors who come to claim an annual tribute for military service. 

Then Miriael crashes to the Earth, and his life changes …

She’s come down not far from the Home Ground, damaged and unable to fly. Abandoned by Heaven, she prays for extinction. When Ferren finds her lying in the grass, he knows she ought to be his enemy, since his people are on the side of the Earth. Yet seeing her there, so helpless and beautiful, his curiosity outweighs every rule and warning.

He understands almost nothing about the apocalyptic world he’s grown up in. Now he’s going to learn the truth about the history of the war, the nearby Humen army camp and what military service really means. His unique friendship with an angel will launch a revolution and transform everyone’s future.

For more background on the world of the Ferren Trilogy –

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And here’s a map of planet Earth in 3000AD :-

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This is the world of all three books in the Ferren Trilogy, starting with Ferren and the Angel, then following with Ferren and the Doomsday Mission and concluding with Ferren and the Invaders of Heaven.

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