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NOT a 5-star NetGalley review!

I guess not every Ferren and the Angel review can be 5 stars. But I liked this one anyway. Nothing more satisfying than to win over readers who wouldn’t normally read fantasy – or the unique Ferren kind of fantasy!

Quote from NetGalley:

Loraine Philliban (Reviewer) has just submitted Feedback for Ferren and the Angel.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

Full Text:
Not my usual kind of book but I had a really good time reading it. Richard Harland has a smooth writing style that captures your imagination and draws you in to his world.
The concept is incredibly interesting and the cast of characters are easily believable. Set in a fictional futuristic environment with historical references and intricate fantasy elements it is an entertaining page turner.
Looking forward to next book in this series. 

Additional Questions:

Are you interested in connecting with this author (interviews, events, etc)? No
Would you purchase this book for yourself or a friend? Yes
Will you recommend this book/author to your audience? Yes

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